The Integra

Integrated Carrier-grade microwave radio, delivering up to 1Gbps Full Duplex.
- A unique all-outdoor compact integration of antenna, radio, modem and ethernet network processor with 3 gigabit ports for user traffic.
- Bandwidth coverage from 3.5MHz up to 60MHz in single hardware design for best distribution.
- Up to 1Gbps throughput with header compression.
- Industry-best corrosion resistance for salty environment installation.
- Lightweight and easy to install.
- An innovative web graphical user interface (GUI).

CFIP Lumina

Full Outdoor 366Mbps Gigabit Ethernet radio for IP networks.
- Built-in managed Gigabit switch for shelter-free installations.
- Fiber optics up to radio for 100% lightning protection.
- Fast and easy installation and set-up.
- Proven reputation – delivered in 130 countries across all continents.


Full-outdoor radio with 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and four E1/T1
- Patented ODU mounting clamps for quick and easy installation.
- Industry-leading reliability and durability in harsh environment.
- Low power consumption for sites with alternative energy sources, like solar panels and wind turbines.
- Ideal for last-mile access with narrow channels.
- All-outdoor form factor, ideal for hybrid wireless networks.
- Allows for installations with both Ethernet and E1/T1 connectivity.

FreeMile 17/24

Full-outdoor license-free carrier-grade last mile radio providing 100Mbps Fast Ethernet.
- Best solution for license-free bands with carrier grade quality radios.
- Lowest latency among license-free equipment for best VoIP and video-streaming applications.
- Transferring 100% Eth traffic regardless of packet size or link distance.
- Minimized interference with narrow-beam antennas and built-in ACM/ATPC.
- User-friendly GUI for easy installation.

FreeMile 5 GE MIMO

Carrier-grade radio for Ethernet packet data transmission.
- System is optimized for small packet transfer. Capacity of up to 105 Mbps FDX/210 Mbps aggregate.
- SAF PoE injector (IEEE 802.3af) supports 24 to 60V DC input, any polarity to ground.
- Carrier grade metal enclousure, IP67 ingress protection, industrial grade EMC protected, built-in lightning protection on Gb Ethernet cable.
- User-friendly GUI for monitoring and configuration. SAF NMS provides a rich set of management features for larger networks.
- Carrier-grade microwave radio mount.

Marathon II

The most advanced low frequency microwave radio system for industrial applications on the market.
- Ideal for TETRA and SCADA applications.
- Long Distance Operation (Up to 100km+).
- nLOS and NLOS operation possible.
- Fan-less design: unique in market, zero maintenance required.
- Modem: ACM and ATPC for longer distance and reliable performance.
- Built-in managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with QoS, VLANs, Spanning Tree Protocols option for diverse network configurations.
- All-indoor system for ideal surge protection.
- Low power consumption.

PhoeniX Series

Compact and feature rich split-mount solutions for broadcasting, telecom, government and other industries.
- Designed to fit wide range of network topologies and configurations.
- Flexible TDM/IP architecture allows easy transition from TDM-only to hybrid or IP-only networks with an additional ASI interface option for digital video broadcasting.
- XPIC support enables 2+0 configuration using both polarizations in a single channel.
- Fanless cooling system and split mount architecture.
- Built-in managed Carrier Gigabit Ethernet switch with advanced QoS, OAM, MEF 9&14, 1588v2 PTP and SyncE support.
- AES256-bit over-the-air encryption.

Spectrum Compact

World’s first handheld spectrum analyzer for 2-40GHz frequency bands.
- Excellent tool for fast antenna alignment, interference detection, radio troubleshooting and power measurements.
- Smallest device on the market for on-site spectrum analysis.
- Easy-to-learn intuitive user interface.
- Market-leading sensitivity of -105 dBm: excellent for long distance remote site analysis.

SG Compact

Perfect tool for different microwave system analysis and measurement applications.
- Industry leading form-factor.
- Essential tool for antenna alignment and testing and top choice for LoS verification applications.
- Perfect for different microwave system analysis and measurement applications.
- Intuitive control and interactive GUI with instant on/off functionality.
- Resistive touchscreen allows working with gloves on.

Antena 60KU
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LBNs Satellites Assessories
LBNs Satellites Assessories
LBNs Satellites Assessories