KAIROS is an international trade company headquartered in Vila Velha in Espírito Santo and with subsidiaries in São José - Santa Catarina and Maceió – Alagoas. Founded in 2007 with activities focused on import, export, consultancy and advice in foreign trade, warehousing and logistics. It acts on behalf of third parties and its own account, accredited by BANDES, registered in the RADAR SISCOMEX, with registration in the Port Activities Development Fund, being thus able to enjoy FUNDAP / ES, TTD-REGIME ESPECIAL / SC and Benefit of the State of Alagoas. Committed to agility, competence, safety and sustainable development.

Tax benefits

FUNDAP / ES: The Port Activities Development Fund (FUNDAP) is a financial incentive to support companies based in the state of Espírito Santo and that carry out foreign trade operations taxed with ICMS in the State.

Administered by the State Development Bank (BANDES), based on the ICMS generated in the foreign trade operations carried out in the State, regardless of the final destination of the goods.

Differentiated Tax Treatment / SC: It is a differentiated tax treatment, based on the ICMS generated on the importation of merchandise destined for commercialization.

Tax Benefit of the State of Alagoas / AL: Tax benefit that allows the payment of ICMS taxes with levies from the Alagoas government acquired with discount from third parties.

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